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Why this?

There are all sorts of entities duking it out for your valuable resources: your time, thoughts, physical space, personal information, money. We've been trained to sign up for dozens of credit cards just to save 10% on a purchase, get excited about scoring yet another free t-shirt (YAFT), and to choose amongst 40 peanut butter varieties at the grocery store (see secret #1).

Some respond to cycles of consumption by becoming rigid minimalists ('less is more'). Instead, I focus on what is achievable with a more nuanced approach ('more or less') that is similar to the idea behind 'the weekday vegetarian'. In short use 'less is more' as a north star, but allow some deviations when the tradeoff seems worth it. The goal is to increase the chances of personal engagement and success, while still affecting large scale change in your own life and the world around you. This approach can apply to purchase habits, resource consumption, product design, and more.